• I M P O R T A N T : Learn How To Earn.
  • How To Earn

    In this new era , people tend to spend more time on internet. Everything can be done by internet, as well as money. So we as a web entertainment would like to help people make money using our platform. Here we offer our users to connect with each other and earn profit. With our platform we give you a point with every single thing you do. And from that point you can redeem it to profit by withdrawing to your wallet.


    Earn 2 points by commenting any video
    Earn 1 points by like any video
    Earn 1 points by dislike any video
    Earn 5 points by upload any video
    Earn 1 points by watching any video

    As you can see above, we give you a point for every action in our platform, but it depends on our Terms of use.


    With minimum amount of withdraw Five (USD 5.00), you can withdraw your points every Five (5) business day in your Balance section and your withdrawal amount will be credited to your PayPal account within Two (2) business days after the date of your request. Please note if your balance is not credited to your PayPal account after Two (2) days of your request , you can contact us using our contact form by leaving your account details for us to check your account and take further action.

    Note : Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiries.